Our Services

Project Managers and General Contractors

CORE is unique in the way that we have the flexibility to be a Project Manager or a General Contractor. When you choose CORE to be your project manager, we will begin to prepare contracts for you and your selected contractors. Additionally, as your Project Manager, we will help you with invoices, execute change orders, and run the day-to-day responsibilities of your job. If you choose us as your General Contractor, you will only sign one contract, which will be with us. We will then begin to build your project. There are many benefits for selecting us in either capacity. We would be happy to discuss both methods with you.

New Construction

As a general contracting company or project manager, it would be a pleasure to build your new building. We have worked with over hundreds of unique businesses and individuals in which they entrusted us to build their building. We have experience in both wood frame and steel construction.

Residential and Commercial Remodeling

For the first 15 years, CORE was solely performing residential custom home building. We are very familiar with the necessity to please the client and attention to detail that most every client expects of their contractor. We pride ourselves on our ability to make the customer happy and provide solutions to their requests. We apply this same level of detail to our commercial clients. Need something done to your building or office, but you are unsure about the whole process or the general presence of a construction company on your site? We will not only work for you, but we will work with you to make sure that your new renovations transition as seamless as possible without interfering with your business. Just check our clients and you will see why you can trust us with your project. We are extremely adaptable and flexible to make the project work under any parameters.

The CORE Process